General Discipline

  1. At the stroke of the first bell students should assemble in their respective classrooms, or at the place of assembly.
  1. There should be perfect silence after the second bell, even if the teacher is absent in the class. The Monitor is responsible to maintain order in the class whenever the teacher is absent. The class monitor is expected to inform the Asst. Headmaster/ Supervisor about the absence of teacher.
  1. Students must be regular and punctual. A student coming to school after the classes have begun or absenting himself from any period without obtaining the permission will be subjected to disciplinary action. Students coming late to school habitually / in violation to the standing instruction regarding late attendance, will not be admitted in the school.
  1. Students must take sufficient care of their personal appearance. A student coming to school, without following the guidelines regarding uniform may be refused admission in class.
  1. Students are forbidden to play, shout, run about in the classrooms and on the verandahs. No one is permitted to ride bicycle on the verandahs of the school.
  1. Students are not allowed to use motor-driven vehicles to come to school.
  1. Students are not expected to behave disrespectfully towards the staff.
  1. Students are asked to assist in keeping the school clean and tidy. It is strictly forbidden to write, scratch on the school walls, furniture and blackboards, or throw bits of paper, fruit skin, seeds or other rubbish on the floor. A student, found guilty of damaging / destroying school property will be fined.
  1. Students are responsible for the safety and neatness of their own School bags, books and notebooks, umbrellas, raincoats, lunch boxes etc. All these articles should bear the name of the owner.
  1. All are expected to subscribe to the school magazine whenever it is published.
  1. Collection from students for any purpose whatsoever is to be done with the prior approval of the Headmaster.
  1. Students are strictly forbidden to buy eatables from hawkers and vendors nearby the school. Students are encouraged to bring homemade food.
  2. Habitual late attendance, repeated unjustified absence, incomplete class work, disobedience, use of indecent language, dishonesty, or objectionable moral conduct are sufficient reasons to dismiss a student from school.
  1. Whenever it is necessary, teacher may enter remarks about a student’s conduct, application and attendance in the place provided in the student’s school calendar. Such remarks should be endorsed by the teacher and the parents / guardians are expected to put their initials for having seen the remarks.
  1. The use of mobile phones is strictly forbidden during the working hours, in the school campus.